Where to Host Email Signature Images

Where to Host Email Signature Images?

Email signature images can make or break your email campaign. When they’re well placed and aligned, they create a professional impression. However, the wrong positioning can ruin it. In this post, we’ll look at several options for where to place them in the message template.

When you set up your email campaign, you’re presented with an email signature template. It’s the signature displayed at the bottom of the message. The reason why you need to add email signature images is simple: it adds a bit of personality.

An email signature is something that’s a lot of people tend to ignore. However, as long as it’s well-designed, it can help you make a good impression.

How to add an email signature image

There are two main options available for including your email signature in an email campaign. They’re:

The first one is by embedding it as a regular image in the body of the email message. The image is then displayed along with the body of the message.

The second option is by including it in the signature box. There, it appears separately and doesn’t get lost in the body of the message. It might be a bit confusing at first, but it gets the job done.

So, the next time you’re writing an email, check out the signature box options. Here, we’ll walk you through the pros and cons of each option.

The advantages of the signature box option

One of the best things about the signature box option is that it gives you a lot of flexibility. Since it displays separately from the body of the message, it’s more flexible.

If you decide to embed the image in the body, then you’ll be limited to placing it in one spot. The image won’t be responsive, which means it’ll look the same on every email client. With the signature box option, you’ll have much more freedom.

If you want to display different images depending on who’s the recipient, then the signature box option is the best. You’ll be able to do that with images only, and not text.

That means, with the signature box option, you’ll be able to create different email signature images for different people in your team. The same email template will then be used across all of them.

One of the best things about the signature box option is that it’s simple. It doesn’t require any complicated HTML code. You can create it using plain text or Markdown.

The disadvantages of the signature box option

However, despite the pros, there are some disadvantages to the signature box option as well. The first disadvantage is that it can be a bit confusing.

First of all, when you’re writing an email, you don’t have access to the signature box. So, it’s hard to imagine what you’ll look like when your email client displays it.

The other disadvantage of the signature box is that it can be hard to read. It doesn’t appear at the bottom of the email body, but in a box. Since you have to scroll down, it’s not a very pleasant experience for your recipient.

What are the best places to host email signature images online?

The choice is up to you. The best options are:

1. Your web host

The first option is your web host, which has the advantage of being a free service. If you don’t own a web hosting account, then you might consider using a service like Bluehost.

It has a nice range of email tools. It even has an email signature template creator. You can use it for free and set up an email signature for free too. It’s one of the most popular hosting companies, so there’s a good chance that the email services work well.

Another great benefit is that it’s easy to manage. You can make changes quickly and set up your signature image.

However, the only downside of using a web hosting provider is that your signature will look the same on every email you send.

2. Your email provider

The second option is your email provider, which is free, too. You can use it for a limited number of emails. You’ll be able to change the template quickly.

Your email provider can create the signature for you automatically. The only downside is that you might have to pay for it. The price depends on the provider, so we’ll have to do some research before you decide.

3. Email service providers

The third option is email service providers. They include services like MailChimp and Campaign Monitor. They’re free, but you might have to pay for the email templates you’d like to use.

One of the downsides is that you can’t create a signature template yourself. You’ll have to use a service to do that. However, the good news is that they’re all pretty similar, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to set one up.

4. Your webmail provider

The fourth option is your webmail provider. It’s free, too, but the best one isn’t exactly a webmail provider. It’s your email client.

For instance, you can create email signatures for gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail. You might want to try it first and see how it works. Then, you can switch to a webmail provider if you think you need to.

5. Free email signature creator

The final option is a website like Siggy, that offers free email signatures. It lets you create one from scratch. You can even use the tools to customize the signature a bit more.

You can create them for different email clients, such as Gmail, Yahoo and others. The only downside is that they might look a bit plain when you use them in the email campaign.

So, those are the main options available when hosting images of email signatures.

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